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What Is Noosa Barre?

It's a challenging, but sustainable, and addictive way to move. Noosa Barre challenges the body to engage the mind.


It is NOT a classical ballet inspired class. It's not a classical Pilates class. In fact we say forget what you've experienced before or read about barre - our style is completely different.


It's a heart-pumping, muscle shaking workout that will help you sweat away your stress to soothe your busy mind. The flow of sequence, the energetic cueing, the intensity of the challenge, to the reward of rest- our workouts are fused to form a perfect symphony of movement.


You'll quickly reach and surpass your mental limits. You'll quickly realise that you DO in fact love working out you just hadn't found the right environment, or the right teacher that could lead you to that sweet spot between effort and ease.


You'll discover a new endorphin-firing, strong and resilient body. 


Are you ready? Let's do this! 



What's the teacher like?

She's tough; but it comes from a place of absolute respect, empathy and admiration of the fact that you made the time for yourself in amongst the craziness of adult life.

She's going to expect that you focus, that you try your best for that particular day and that you pay attention to how your body is feeling.


She'll help you build a strong foundation from the inside out.


She's gentle yet strong as she moves through the room.


She has a deep desire to connect, create and inspire change through movement. 


And she absolutely loves a glass of champagne on a Sunday afternoon while listening to live music and watching the sun set. 



"I discovered a whole new world of mental health, it only took the one workout with Adriana to know I was going to change not just physically but potentially mentally and for good.  I never thought I would crave exercise- I just had to find the right fit. Thanks Adri".


"Adriana has this ability of creating sequences that move your body in a new way, challenging you further and stepping you out of your comfort zone (in a really great way). If you haven’t tried a class do yourself a favour and try it, you may be groaning & wanting to swear through it, but I guarantee you’ll love it and book straight in for another one."


“Hanging out for the next one... my new addiction... love it!!”


Try A Class


Tuesdays 5:30 pm

Saturdays 6:45 am


All levels most welcome, no experience needed. Plenty of free parking available.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. x

Other than pop up classes, all regular classes are taught at Noosa Flow. Book via Noosa Flow website.


Let’s Chat

Phone Number: 0422 525 818    /     Email:   


Class taught at Noosa Flow - 14/203 Gympie Terrace Noosaville QLD 4566 

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