Build Strength, Feel Calmer and More Energised.

A hybrid of Barre and Pilates with bursts of energy. It's the sweaty kick-ass workout you've been looking for. Keeping your mind engaged and your body challenged every time.

available on your schedule, 24/7 from where ever you are. It's about convenience. 

positive + inclusive, no matter where you're starting from.

ever-evolving, never boring.

Every week you can join me and workout live from wherever you are.


It's just like showing up to a studio when a class is on - except you don't have to pay or struggle with parking.

You just roll out your mat and get started. 


Sessions are created around body positive frameworks, teaching you how to love the body you’re in, and reminding you who you are. Strong, capable and enough. 

This is moving your body to move your mind. This is learning and practicing mindfulness, releasing anxiety, and restoring emotional balance.

I love Barre and Pilates. I love the way a good workout makes me feel, but I'm not your typical fitness pro who obsesses over workouts day in and day out. ​

I care more about feeling good inside and out. I care about health as a whole - so yes, that includes exercise but it also includes sleep, stress management, nourishing food, and healthy relationships. 

"So good. OMG. My butt!!!

Ali - Sydney, AU

"So awesome, loved it. My world feels right again with your classes & cues in my life" 

Tasha, Brisbane, AU

"Wow! Great class this morning, thank you Adriana. I’ve never done a barre class before but I’m so glad I gave it a go today!! Will definitely be back for more"

Amy - Noosa, AU


Enjoy Free Weekly Online Barre Classes

Join our online community for free, and enjoy any and all of my weekly Live Online Barre Classes. 100% Free Forever. 

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