Hi, I'm Adriana (Adri)

I'm a 38 year old woman, wife and mother, currently living in a beautiful coastal town of Australia, called Noosa. 

Teaching classes, holding events and retreats is a labour of love. It's a creative outlet. It's how I've met some of my closest friends and it's what keeps me feeling like 'me' in amongst the roles and responsibilities of adult life. 

My teaching style has evolved over the past 12+ yrs.


In 2020 I devoted a large of that year to becoming a The Movement Facilitator. 


I was sick of contributing to an industry that keeps telling us that a woman's body needs to be changed to be better.


Of seeing women of all sizes, ages and abilities feeling less than, thinking doing more or burning out in the process is the solution to a happier life.


Becoming a The Movement Facilitator has changed the way I approach all of the class styles I teach.

Facilitating TM experiences allows me to present movement in the way that I've always seen it - as a way of feeling freedom in your body, witnessing its strength, releasing emotional tension and having a little fun with an inviting community.

I want women to step back into fitness with a very different perspective and healthy relationship with it.