Movement Therapy Sessions are held, booked and paid via Reminded 

Classes Begin 11th of July 2020

Still by Reminded

Mondays 6:00pm

Still incorporates gentle movement, breath work and guided meditation for a restorative
and self-reflective experience.

This isn't fitness. This is wellness.

  • We ground and center.

  • We warm up the body.

  • We move gently and intentionally.

  • We don’t compare or compete.

We let ourselves be guided by what feels good yet stay curious and open to trying something new.

We let ourselves be Still.


$14.50 p/class

Sweat by


Saturdays 7:30am 

Sweat is simple, repetitive micro-movement/calisthenics and plyometrics, that moves the body to engage the mind.

It is a space for self-reflection through physical conditioning.


We feel our strength and endurance build.


We discover a comfortable space outside of our comfort zone.

We feel accomplished and energised.

We listen intentionally and move with curiosity.


$14.50 p/class

Studio Location

Reminded is a mind health and movement therapy Clinic in Noosa, Australia.

The space offers a range of Movement Therapy Sessions. Sessions are created around body positive frameworks, teaching you how to love the body you’re in, and reminding you who you are.


Pavillion 2, “Acres”, 37 Gibson Rd, Noosaville, QLD 4566

Phone: 0438 220 183

Web: https://reminded.com.au/ 

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