Your Reset 

s/s 2020 series 
reset /riːˈsɛt/ to set again or differently

Movement is such an incredible way to learn, grow & change in ways that are personally meaningful to you.

To create any kind of change (with self, or relationships) awareness of your thoughts and patterns is the foundation for a reset to take place.

Letting overwhelm and angst sweep us away is quite real. This isn’t wrong, it’s understandable, but let’s not become victims to it – let’s not get swept away, lets gently flow our way out. 

Your Reset s/s series encourages you to not overdo it. This is not movement for fitness. This is about creating a new relationship with exercise. 

This isn’t about ‘fixing’ anything. You don’t need fixing. You need more permission to feel whatever it is you need to feel – without the judgment (from yourself most likely) and the guilt.

We encourage kindness and compassion towards ourselves. 

To pace ourselves wherever possible. To be mindful of where our edge is these days.

While creating a new relationship with movement and exercise you begin your journey of accepting all parts of you, of applying more discretion with your time, of giving yourself permission to receive what you need. 

What's Involved?

This is a 4 x week series that combines in-studio classes and at-home mini-sessions 
Each week has a theme:


Week 1: All Parts of You Are Welcomed


Week 2: Movement Beyond Fitness


Week 3: What’s Truly Driving You?


Week 4: Redefine Your Relationship with Movement

Every week we’ll come together on Wednesday night at 6pm for The Movement* Foundational class.


Every week there will be a small self-study prompt to guide your experience. Don’t worry it’s not a lot.


And every week you’ll have access to 1 x mini-Sweat session you can do from the comfort of your home, on your schedule.

So, yes there’s a little bit of commitment involved (because you’re worth it) but enough flexibility there so that it doesn’t become another ‘should’ in your week.

Are you curious?

Are you tempted to try something that isn’t just about fitness (although it' can be nice bonus)?


That allows you to enjoy movement for the sake of movement. And that yes, will help you feel healthier – mentally and emotionally as much as physically.


Are you in?


We start Wednesday 7th of October at 6pm (SOLD OUT). Held at Reminded Health Clinic.


Cost: $95 (includes everything) ONLY 6 SPOTS AVAILABLE. 



What are the classes?

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Your Facilitator

Adriana is a professional instructor and mum of one who has used movement as a form of emotional release since her early teens.​

Throughout her years, Adriana has continued to study movement as her craft. With thousands of hours of certifications in Pilates, Barre, The Movement* Foundational Training and Wellness Coaching.


Adriana’s classes are athletic, intentional, inspiring and supportive. Your body will know its strength and your soul will thank you. 


Health. Wellness.

In mind and body.

Feeling well.

Increasing energy and finding clarity of mind.

Being comfortable within yourself - mess and all.